Courses Offered

Below you will find a Master Course List for American Indian Studies. Click on the course to view the syllabus for that course.

Note: Not all course syllabi are available at this time.


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Master Course List

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AIS 100
Intro­duc­tion to Amer­i­can Indian Studies
AIS 150
American Indians in Higher Education
AIS 151
Amer­i­can Indi­ans in the Sci­ences & Humanities
AIS 172
Introduction to Literature of Native Americans
AIS 199
Directed Study
AIS 208
Intro to Archaeology of Native North America
AIS 246
Literature by American Indian Women
AIS 250
Indians of Wisconsin
AIS 274
Indigenous Literature of the Great Lakes
AIS 275
American Indian Oral Literature
AIS 301
First Semester Ojibwe
AIS 302
Second Semester Ojibwe
AIS 314
Indians of North America
AIS 317
Peoples and Cultures of the Arctic
AIS 320
Native People of the Southwest
AIS 325
American Indians in Film
AIS 353
Indians of the Western Great Lakes
AIS 354
Archaeology of Wisconsin
AIS 355
Archaeology of Eastern North America
AIS 356
Archaeology of Western North America
AIS 359
American Indian Art History: Contemporary Issues
AIS 371
Survey of North American Indian Language
AIS 401
Third Semester Ojibwe
AIS 402
Fourth Semester Ojibwe
AIS 431
American Indian Folklore
AIS 437
American Indian Women
AIS 444
Native American Environment Issues & the Media
AIS 450
Special Topic Courses:
  1. American Indian Health
  2. American Indian Autobiography
  3. Contemporary Indigenous Rights
  4. Creative Native Process
  5. Issues in American Indian Studies
AIS 471
Ethnohistory of American Indian Religious & Political Movements
AIS 474
AIS 490
American Indian History
AIS 516
Indians and Spanish Borderlands
AIS 522
American Indian Families
AIS 546
Writing Tribal Histories
AIS 578
Rural Minority Groups and Poverty in the United States
AIS 639
American Indians in Contemporary Society
AIS 649
Modernity in Native American Literature - Western Hemisphere
AIS 650
Contemporary American Indian Literature Since 1953
AIS 658
American Indian Affairs
AIS 676
American Indian Lands and Sovereignties
AIS 699
Directed Study
AIS 941
Indians and Empires
AIS 942
American Indian History, 1800-Present